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Basic operating knowledge of large circular knitting machine (I) — technical standard

1. Technical standard: use dial gauge or feeler gauge to check (1) flatness of upper needle disk: Standard ≤

(2) Self roundness of upper needle disc: Standard ≤

(3) Self roundness of lower syringe: Standard ≤

(4) Flatness of lower syringe: Standard ≤

(5) Concentricity of upper needle disk and lower needle cylinder: Standard ≤

(6) Concentricity of upper needle disk and lower needle cylinder: Standard ≤

(7) Clearance between the upper disc triangle and the syringe clearance between the lower ring triangle and the syringe 2. Primary adjustment in order to use the machine more safely and efficiently, the following checks and primary adjustments should be made before the machine is used

(1) Motor drive inspection after connecting the power supply, please check the drive direction of the motor immediately. If the drive direction of the motor is different from the direction shown on the label on the motor housing, the wiring of the motor must be changed immediately (two of the three phases can be adjusted in the motor junction box)

(2) Inspection and adjustment of motor drive belt before starting the machine, please check the tension of the motor drive belt and the pressure applied in the middle of the belt. At this time, the linear deformation of the belt should not be greater than. If it is too loose or too tight, it should be adjusted immediately until it meets the requirements The adjustment method is as follows: loosen the fixing screws of the motor base, move the motor outward or inward, adjust the tension to meet the requirements, and then lock the screws Note: after the first three days of operation, it should be rechecked once, and then every three months

(3) Adjustment of the dust blowing system: the fan of the dust blowing system shall be specifically adjusted to make the fan in the best position so that it can be blown to every corner of the yarn after being powered on and rotated

(4) Adjustment of yarn feeding drive system

A fine adjustment of the aluminum disk for yarn feeding the diameter of the aluminum disk for yarn feeding can play the role of fine adjusting the transmission speed ratio and changing the yarn feeding amount. The adjustment method is as follows: first, loosen the round nut on the top of the aluminum disk for yarn feeding with a wrench. When the upper cover is rotated in the “+” direction, the 12 sliders inside the aluminum disk will expand outward to increase the diameter of the wheel body, thereby increasing the yarn feed. On the contrary, when the upper cover is rotated in the “-” direction, the sliders will retract, the wheel diameter will shrink, and the yarn feed will also decrease During the rotation of the face cover, it should be kept parallel according to the reality, otherwise, the slider may fall out of the groove. The adjustable diameter range of yarn feeding aluminum disk is: 70mm-200mm After adjusting the aluminum plate, re lock the round nut. After fine adjustment of the yarn feeding aluminum disk, the tension of the yarn feeding drive belt shall be adjusted. B tension adjustment of the yarn feeding drive belt: if the drive belt is too loose, the yarn storage device will slip and stop rotating, affecting the yarn feeding. Therefore, before starting the machine, adjust the yarn feeding drive belt as follows: loosen the fixing screw of the roller, and pull the roller outward along the sliding rod. At this time, make sure that the belt is evenly stressed on the whole ring of yarn storage device and lock the screw.

(5) Inspection of grease lubrication: check the lubrication of the transmission system, cloth rolling system and other parts, and supplement grease lubrication every day to avoid wear caused by lack of grease lubrication.

Basic operation knowledge of large circular knitting machine (II) – Advanced Debugging of the machine

Part I commissioning of single-sided machine

1. Adjustment of sinker triangle (1) the adjustment standard of sinker triangle is to make the yarn pressing concave position of sinker 90 ° with the raised knitting needle. The angle leaves a gap between the recess and the needle. (2) suck the dial gauge inside the syringe, and the head points to the highest point of the sinker protrusion. (3) loosen the screw of the sinker triangle seat, push the screw forward or backward (this will indirectly drive the sinker triangle to move forward or backward), check the position of the sinker with a dial indicator, and lock the screw. (4) in this way, jog the needle barrel to rotate, check and adjust the position of each triangle.

2. Adjustment of triangle sorting of sinkers: when changing the yarn or changing the weaving structure, the sorting of sinkers shall be adjusted. The specific methods are as follows: (1) loosen all connecting screws (6 pieces in total) between the hanging plate feet and the hanging plate; (2) adjust the hanging plate along the rotating direction of the machine, which is called deceleration sorting adjustment; On the contrary, it is the adjustment of growth rate ranking (3) adjust the two adjusting screws on both sides of the hanging wall station foot to adjust the sequence of speed increase and deceleration of the sinker triangle (4) lock the connecting screw (5) during the above operation, do not loosen the eccentric locating wheel of the upper plate

3. The adjustment of the lower loop needle triangle and the uniform yarn feeding tension are important guarantees for high-quality woven fabrics. Fine tuning the high and low positions of the needle triangle can obtain the uniform yarn feeding tension. The method is as follows: (1) use the yarn tensioner to measure the tension of each yarn (2) turn the scale on the triangle seat of the lower ring with a hex wrench Rotate the triangle clockwise to move down; On the contrary, the triangle moves upward (3) in this way, check and adjust the tension of each yarn to make the yarn tension consistent

4. Weight adjustment: the weight adjustment device in the center of single – sided machine is simple and flexible, and the weight adjustment of woven fabric is rapid, convenient and accurate The specific operation instructions are as follows: use an Allen wrench to rotate the adjustment gear in the lifting indicator ring of the machine table, so that the triangle seat of the lower ring rises and falls with the lifting ring, thereby adjusting the density of the woven fabric and achieving the purpose of adjusting the weight A when the triangle seat is lowered with the lifting ring, the triangle of the lower ring will be lowered, the braid coil will be elongated, the braid density will be sparse, and the unit weight will be reduced B when the lifting ring is raised, the triangle of the lower circle is also raised, the coil is shortened, the braiding density becomes denser, and the gram weight per unit element increases. At the same time, it should be noted that when changing the weaving density, that is, when adjusting the length of the coil, the tension of the incoming line must be adjusted. When weaving sparse cloth, the tension of the incoming line must be adjusted to about 4-5gm; On the contrary, it is reduced to 2-3 GM

Part II: commissioning of double sided machine

1. Adjustment of the concentricity of the upper needle cylinder and the lower needle cylinder (1) loosen the locking screws of the lower needle cylinder and the lifting ring of the machine, adjust the concentricity of the lower needle cylinder to the large plate with a dial gauge, and adjust and lock the eccentric setting



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